Personal Training

What is it?

Do you have a health, fitness or sporting goal?  Are you lacking guidance, programming, motivation or coaching?  If so, please take a look below at what I can offer in a personal training setting.  

Where is it?

Gym-based sessions are currently carried out at 1227 Glen Huntley Road, Carnegie.  I also offer outdoor training and home training (subject to availability). 


Initial Consultation


This is an in-depth initial meeting that helps me get to know you you better as a person.  Taking lifestyle, goals and motivations into account.  This also gives me a well-rounded knowledge of your body though postural and functional assessments.

Too book your initial consultation please get in touch


One-on-One Training Sessions

30 minute • 45 MINUTES • 60 minutes 

Based off your initial consultation these sessions will be tailored towards restoring any postural or functional imbalances causing pain or weakness and targeted towards your training goals. 

If you wish to find out prices or any further details., please get in touch.


Session Packages

30-45-60 minutes • 1-3 sessions per week • 4-26 weeks

Group Training

30-45-60 MINUTES • 3-6 persons

Session duration, frequency and price depends on your type of package or the groups number of goals and lifestyles.  

To request a quote for group training or a session package please get in touch.